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Sight Glasses and Flow Indicators

Sight glasses and flow indicators indicate media and flow conditions in pipeline systems and plant.

Know-How Sight Glasses and Flow Indicators

Product Filter / Sight Glasses and Flow Indicators
At least one selection is required for filtering.
Expert Mode

Convincing Aspects of self-acting Control Valves

Aspect No. 1 - Safety
  • Proper functioning, even in the event of a power failure
  • Proven functionality based on more than one hundred years of experience
  • No risk regarding maloperation
  • Quick response behaviour of self-acting control valves
  • Insusceptibility to computer viruses
Aspect No 2 - Costs
  • Low assembly and maintenance costs
  • No external energy supply required
  • Long operational lifespan with the proper selection of the valve
Aspect No. 3 – Assembly and Operation
  • Easy installation of the valves
  • Low net weight and compact design
  • Valves can be operated even with poor infrastructure
  • No cabling or updates required
  • Particularly sturdy and maintenance-friendly
Aspect No. 4 – Sustainability
  • Resource-saving thanks to independence from external energy
  • Long operational lifespan with the proper selection of the valve
  • Recyclability of the used materials
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